Sims True Life – 5 new Generations screens


Sims True Life picked up 5 new screens from The Sims 3 Generations while in London for the event.  Thanks to hori for the tip!

05 04 03 02 01


  1. Those imaginary friends are creepy! I thought it was a cute idea, but now I don’t want those creepy things in my game. I hope someone will figure out a way to make some sort of default replacement for them.

  2. Yeah, I hope they either put out a version or someone does a mod so we can have Hobbes. Personally, though, I find the imaginary friend cute in a wacky way. I wonder what the boy ones look like. So… if a doll becomes real and has children, can they transform back to dolls? They just become normal sims I imagine or they die with the sim. It would be appropriate, but sad, if they died when the child became an adult.

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