Sims Nieuws – The Sims 3 Generations impression from London


How’d we manage to go from hardly any news about Generations to an explosion of info and reports?  Embargos will do that!  The embargo for Sims Nieuws has been lifted, you can now read their impression of the latest expansion pack!

The things I’ve seen so far, are awesome though. Especially the bachelor and teen parties are a lot of fun. You can also have a good time with pulling pranks. The new options for the children, to play in the tree hut for example, are a very nice addition as well.The thing I like most about this expansion, is that it makes the game way more complete. You can do much more with the life of your Sim. For those who like to create their own stories, this expansion will be a very nice addition to their collection. I have no doubt on that.

full article here

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