SimCookie has published a new article on Generations. It gives us a little more detail about some of the new features in Generations. It’s a good read.

The imaginary friends are the cornerstones of your child’s imaginary world sims!

– If you use the Create a Sim to create a family with toddlers or children, there is a chance that a doll imaginary friend appears in the inventory of a young Sims. If the child is born during the game, you may receive this doll in the mail shortly after the birth of Sim.

– To give life to an imaginary friend doll, the toddler will give it a name and spend time playing with him or sing songs. If he spends enough time with her imaginary friend will miraculously life after the toddler stage passes child.

– When the imaginary friend comes to life, your Sims can have the same interactions with other sims real property. Playing hopscotch, a good old pillow fight, your Sims can build a relationship with this imaginary friend along with other sims!

– There are also new interactions unpublished: You can order your imaginary friend to clean for you or pick you up a snack. But remember, other Sims may take you for a fool because the imaginary friend is invisible to other sims!

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