We’re not quite done posting folk’s impressions *just yet*.  Spanish fansite SimControl’s report is now online – they recap their time spent at the EA Offices in Madrid as well as their time spent on the game.  I love how the translation for Generations is “What a Family!

As many of you know, last Wednesday I had the opportunity to go to Madrid to the offices of EA Games to test the fourth expansion pack for The Sims 3: “The Sims 3: What a Family!”.

The expansion would say it’s bittersweet because although things are pretty positive that brings the news I think is insufficient … I have found very little “load”, is a potpourri of things you do not know how to qualify (as diverse as spiral staircases, possibility of weddings, houses in trees, video cameras or tables for chemical inventions).

I think with “What a Family!” We try to brew what should have been in other expansions and which were left in the pipeline to extend over the saga, but for the price they want us to pay for this is not a problem new features are always welcome but scarce.

The expansion is centered (or so they say) in Henry Sims’ lives. How? Well, basically making them more interactive between them. We could say that, until now, the Sims were a little to the air and now have more in mind to others, but I do not expect a major revolution in the relationship because basically it’s some new interactions rather than a change concept.

full report here