Say it ain’t so, another preview on The Sims 3 Generations, this time being from Made2Game!

Lets start off with the sprogs then. There are two young girls in our demo: Britney is the elder; she likes things pink and flowery and owns a dollhouse. Her younger sibling is Rachelle; a destructive tomboy who has pillow fights with an imaginary friend. The two sisters are entertaining themselves in their bedroom (complete with space-saving bunk bed – a new addition that will please Sim-o-philes who fancy themselves a dab-hand at interior décor) so we decide to spice things up a bit. Taking control of Rachelle, we cease bashing our imaginary friend over the head with a pillow and proceed to a dressing-up box. Princess costume or T-Rex costume? It’s not a hard choice.

Made2Game – Pranks abound in The Sims 3 Generations (thanks, Snooty)