The following was posted on the official Sims 3 Facebook page:

Here are some cool tips to try out for The Sims 3 on the 3DS!

* Is your Sim stinky, lonely, or stressed? Did your Sims miss breakfast, a trip to the bathroom, or not get enough sleep before work? Well just energize them! Save up a few hundred karma points, select the lighting karma power, and rub the crystal past its half way point. Quickly touch your Sim and select Energize!

* Do you want to shake money out of the heavens but are afraid to start a fire? Use your Earthquake karma power on a public lot! You might still break toilets and sinks with a giant earthquake, but you won’t start a fire. Just pick up all the money bags, leave the public lot, and then return. All the broken items will be magically repaired!