GameSpot published their impressions on The Sims 3 Generations, sharing with us a number of new details about the pranks and what activities our Sims can perform.  They also provided two new images.  Here’s a snippet below (thanks, lolifofo)

However, the most interesting new feature in this new expansion seems to be the imaginary friend, a character that your child creates after ordering a specific type of mail-order doll. After giving the doll a name, your child sim can summon an imaginary, child-sized version of the doll to be a playmate who will happily hop onto the opposite end of a seesaw and even run minor errands for you if you have a decent enough social relationship with it. Playing with your imaginary friend fills up your child sims’ social motive in the same way that socializing with real people would. Even more interestingly (and more than a little weirdly), as children grow into teenagers, they can not only keep their imaginary friends around, but they can also develop a romantic interest in their make-believe buddy. So…yes. There’s that.

article here

My interest has peaked with the above paragraph.  As soon as I read that, I was imagining the modding community being able to take that ‘mail-order doll’ and turn it into a stuffed tiger.  Calvin & Hobbes, anyone?  Sign me up for that custom content!

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