Duckeggpie’s impressions for Generations can now be read over at her Sims 3 Stuff blog!  She shares a lot of misc. info. My favorite bit of information has to do with the chemistry set (I love that it’s being brought back!)

The chemistry set helps your sim develop the logic skill. The first interaction you get on it is to ‘Discover Potions’. Once you have discovered a potion you get a new interaction to ‘Make Potion’ which will bring up a list of all the potions your sim knows for you to choose from. The potions range in cost between $3 and $3750.

Here is a list of all the potions you can make and what I have discovered that they can do:

  • Mood Enhancer $3 – Enhances your mood
  • Stink Juice $7 – For pranks!
  • Liquid horror $15 – I didn’t use it but I assume it makes the sim it is used on frightened.
  • Radical Reparum $37 – As far as I could tell this improves your handiness skill for a few hours.
  • Bladder Flow $56 – Makes your sim need the toilet!
  • Sleeping Elixir $67 – I didn’t use it but I guess it has either a positive or negative effect on your sims energy levels.
  • Ghost Potion $93 – Turns your sim into a ghost for 3 hours (They will behave exactly like a ghost for this time)
  • Ninja Vanish $187 – Teleports your sim back to their home lot. Very good for escaping when you have just pulled a prank on someone!
  • Imaginary Friend Metamorphium $3,375 – It the relationship score is high enough, your sims can give this to their imaginary friend to turn them into a real sim.
  • Young Again $3,750 – I gave this potion to my elder sim and he aged backwards to the start of the Young Adult life stage! I’m not sure if this means it puts your sim back a certain number of days in age or a certain number of life stages or if it always puts them back to young adult.

plenty more information here!