I, along with ManagerJosh from TerraSpore missed the patch notes for the previous beta held this past week, beta #6.  Here’s what was fixed:


  • Added an option to turn off blood splatters.
  • Resolved an issue where squads were not saving on logout.
  • Helix window now shows up in the level for her longer speeches.
  • Reduced time to paint a hero in the editor.
  • Galaxy Map added to the ship navigation area.
  • Movies no longer play twice, once on completion and once at the start of a theme level.
  • Resolved an issue where replying to a chat message could cause the game to crash.
  • Items can now be sold in the editor.


  • Shared squad abilities now are now much darker when the corresponding hero is dead.
  • Health and Power numbers are now shown in their corresponding bars when the mouse hovers over them.
  • Resolved the flickering in the chat UI.
  • Added many new sidebar icons for debuffs.
  • Equipped items will have a more obvious red state in the inventory.
  • Improved the look of hero icons.
  • Resolved an issue where items picked up in level were not showing up in the in level inventory. (?)
  • Pressing “C” while on a planet will open up the current heroes’ profile.
  • Added text for generic shielded, stealthed, and invulnerable buffs.
  • Resolved some issues with passive tooltip displays.
  • Resolved an incorrect asset ID that was causing the XP Gained stat to display as DNA Dropped.
  • Added and rewrote text for some of the loot buffs.
  • Art and Visual Effects
  • Updated Leech attack effects.
  • Polaris’ Mark of Zelem effects updated.
  • Updated Botanical Tunneler effects.
  • Improved impact effects for plasma NPCs that fall from the sky.
  • Improved hit sparks for bio heroes.
  • Critical hit aura effects now working properly.
  • Haster’s haste effects are now visible.
  • Orcus now has a shield effect.
  • Made several improvements to resurrection effects.
  • Improved Blitz’s basic attack animation.
  • Tweaked numerous animations.
  • Added extra lightning effects to Zrin’s lighting fist.
  • Lots of new NPC death animations
  • Lots of VFX polish
  • Updated a bunch of muzzles VFX
  • Lots of level environment and lighting updates

General Gameplay

  • Fixed a bug where catalysts in multiplayer games would drop on top of each other.
  • Inappropriate stats no longer show up on type-restricted items (eg, +Cyber damage on a Bio-only item).
  • Horde waves now spawn somewhat faster.
  • Everyone in a group will gain the benefit of the highest ship engine upgrade so players can stay together in the multi planet chain.
  • PvP opponents now show on the minimap as red dots, except when stealthed.
  • Improved ability auras so that they no longer clip on steep terrain.
  • Reduced the contribution of medals to the chance of rolling a rare item.
  • There is now a 0/3/6/10% bonus to the chance of rolling a rare item, based on how many planets were successfully chained in a row.
  • Reduced the base catalyst drop chance.
  • Prismatic catalysts are now relatively more common.
  • Increased the chance that the totems in Verdanth will drop catalysts.
  • Fixed a bug where some ability improvement loot was removing the cooldown and mana cost of the affected ability.
  • Reduced the bonus granted by Overdrive Buildup catalysts.
  • Fixed a bug where lifesteal was applying various inappropriate multipliers, causing it to scale out of control at higher levels.
  • Removed the chance for +healing to show up on Necro unique weapons.
  • Reduced the move speed bonus on catalysts slightly.
  • Attack speed hard cap reduced to 60%.
  • Special weapons for Necro/Cyber/Quantum heroes will no longer drop with increased pet health. Necro/Quantum items will no longer drop with pet damage.
  • Special weapons for heroes of a certain type will no longer have bonuses to damage of a different type.
  • Increased contribution of medals towards chance of rolling a purified items in lower threat levels.
  • Updated the stats on a few items to de-emphasize pet bonuses and increase their primary stat bonuses.


  • Mini-bosses now appear on the second-to-last wave of a mission’s final horde.
  • Reduce health of Mutation Agents.
  • NPCs no longer show their health bars when in stealth.
  • Polaris’ gravity orbs no longer drop loot.
  • Improved certain NPC charge behaviors.
  • Improved Chrono Striker’s flee behavior.
  • Updated Pincering Carapace charge-up times.
  • Updated Darkspore Operative behaviors.
  • Added some new death animations.
  • Engorging Protoplasms and Insatiable Protoplasms now have a cooldown on their self-buffs.
  • The Haster buff now reduces cooldown in addition to its other effects.
  • Captains now attack and use abilities more quickly.
  • Reduced the damage bonus for Captains.
  • Increased Polaris’s health and knockback damage.
  • Polaris’ knockback now consistently does more damage the closer you are.
  • Polaris now tries to lead the player with his projectiles.
  • Fixed a bug where Accurate elites weren’t critical hitting as much as they should.
  • Dynosphere shields now properly scale with difficulty.
  • Switched the order of the fireballs that Terrorsaur throws to better match the animation.
  • Increased Nashira’s health.
  • Added the VFX to Orcus’s shield ability;
  • Increased the amount of damage reduction Orcus’ shield.
  • Orcus is now immune to damage when his shield is up in Apocalypse mode.
  • Sloths now have flat damage reduction all the time (a lesser version of the armored elite affix).
  • Distracted Mongrels will be distracted less often.
  • Pterodyne’s vulnerability debuff now properly describes its specific effect.
  • Spiky elites no longer take reduced physical damage, but they now deal increased amounts of damage to melee attackers.
  • Mark of Zelem now has the proper debuff icon.
  • Darkspore Operative lockdown now has a debuff icon and descriptive text.
  • Shade Drifters and Wraith Drifters no longer suppress with their charge.
  • Added a visible debuff icon and description for having life drained by Shade Drifter’s aura.
  • Fixed a bug where Laser Tank’s walls couldn’t hit pets.
  • Fixed a bug where Silencing Leucopod and Exovoric Leucopod had far too much health.
  • Reduced the speed of Nashira’s lob attack but increased the damage.
  • Reduced the amount of increased damage that Nashira’s mirror images take.
  • Reduced the damage of Vaulting Amphiod’s poison.
  • Fixed a bug where elite Vaulting Amphiods could spawn.


Shared Abilities

  • Increased Shooting Star’s power cost and cooldown.
  • Shooting Star now deals physical damage instead of energy damage.
  • Reduced casting time of Healing Sprite.
  • Time Bubble is now much larger in PvE.
  • Fixed a bug where Time Bubble wasn’t slowing enemy attack speeds.
  • Increased the cooldown of Time Bubble in PvE.
  • Reduced the slowdown of Time Bubble slightly.
  • Charged Fist now deals physical damage.
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing the DoT immunity from working during Overdrive.
  • Added banish immunity during Overdrive.
  • Slightly reduced the bonus to Overdrive recharge while Overdrive is active.
  • Fixed a bug where Fire Thorns was reducing damage instead of reflecting it.


  • Arakna’s collected souls no longer disappear when walking through a portal.
  • Phantom Burst can now only hit each individual target with up to 4 explosions.
  • Increased the number of projectiles that Phantom Burst fires in PvP.


  • Decreased Char’s base attack speed.


  • Slowed attack speed of Skullbomb.
  • Sprit Catcher now grants 40% of total power when getting a kill in PvP.
  • Decreased Jinx’s base attack speed slightly.


  • Webbed Lightning is now considered an area-effect ability.


  • Fixed numerous issues related to Syndrome Shift stealing Darkspore buffs.
  • Increased the power cost and cooldown of Syndrome Shift.


  • Revenant’s weakness from his basic attack and Soul Link can now be affected by Syndrome Shift.
  • Reduced the duration of Dimensional Rift in PvP to 6 seconds.


  • Reduced casting time of Savage Ally.


  • Flak Cannon now deals physical damage instead of energy damage.
  • Increased the cooldown and reduced the daze duration of Flak Cannon in PvP.
  • Decreased the attack speed of Homing Missile.


  • Dazing Shot now deals energy damage instead of physical.


  • Tweaked Haste Field move/attack speed bonuses again.
  • Reduced the damage cap scaling of Time Lapse.
  • Improved Vex’s move speed aura bonus but reduced the attack speed aura bonus in overdrive.
  • Tweaked Vex’s Haste Field overdrive bonus yet again.


  • Fixed a bug where Sunfist’s tooltip incorrectly displayed a 100% shock chance.