A.V. Club – The Sims Medieval review


Sorry for the reviews, missed a few this past weekend and this is the last of the backlog!  A.V. Club brings their impressions to the table:

Rather than controlling a household, players take charge of up to 10 heroes with their own professions and homes. You’re constantly on some sort of quest, either undertaking it solo, or with a party of heroes you can move among freely. The clever quest system lets you take different approaches to a mission depending on what hero you want to complete it, so a knight might go out to the forest to slay some marauding dire chinchillas, while the blacksmith will avoid danger and just build some chinchilla traps. Each quest has many steps, and so long as you’re making a little progress each day, you can take as much time as you like to pursue other goals. Doing things that make your Sim happy, such as picking flowers, reading, or taking a bath, provide buffs that improve your quest performance. Quests provide rewards that improve your kingdom and let you build more buildings that can unlock more heroes.

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