Today on the Spot – The Sims Medieval demo with Aaron Cohen


Aaron Cohen, EA’s Senior Marketing Director drops by the Gamespot office in the latest ‘Today on the Spot’ show to talk (and demo) The Sims Medieval.  The fun begins at 10 minutes and 30 seconds in!  Thanks to Chry for sending this my way!


  1. after this demo and others i’m starting to feel differently about this game. Gotta save up money for EP4 but first gotta get this.

  2. You are most welcome 🙂

    I was surprised at how much we got to see in the demo. Pity I couldn’t win any of the goodies xD

    I have to wait till the 24th for my collectors edition D:

  3. People talking about how they can’t wait for this game has made me kind of start to want it so I’m glad I watched this video. It just reinforced how much this game is so NOT the sims that I want nothing to do with it. I think it looks pretty bad actually..

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