The Sims 3 Team would like to thank all of the fans who helped reach 4 Million likes on their official Facebook page by releasing some free badges, stickers and backgrounds for your Sims 3 Profile page.

4 Million Fans Trophy Badge | Hare’s to 4 Million Badge

Hare’s to 4 Million Sticker | 4 Million Fans Trophy Sticker

4 Million Fans Trophy Background | Hare’s to 4 Million Background


  1. I have been playing a Sims game ever since I discovered the original back in 2000. I have never had as many problems with any of the games, EP’s or SP’s as I do with The Sims 3. I really didn’t have any MAJOR issues until I installed Late Night and now Outdoor Living Stuff. With Late Night, I started getting the error message about how the launcher had stopped working and then I started getting the beautiful blue screen of death and an occassional reboot of my entire system. With Outdoor Living Stuff, my computer just shuts itself off completely. No blue screen, no restart, the computer just shuts completely down. So, I searched the forums and I found this thread about Data Execution Prevention thing in Windows Vista so I tried that and my computer still shuts down. Therefore, I have completely uninstalled EVERYTHING that has to do with not only The Sims but EA too from my computer. I am so through with this, it just gets more and more irritating.

    I am only posting here because I hope more people will do this so that EA will maybe then understand that they need to fix their games instead of just throwing more and more of them out. Hit them in their pockets and we might start seeing some change. And, no, I don’t “Like” them on Facebook either.


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