Here’s an interesting scoop that Sims Galore picked up from EA UK about relationships in The Sims Medieval:

From political marriages to true love, your Sims can experience a range relationships in The Sims Medieval. Whether your Sims are seeking an advantageous alliance or are ready to start a family, they’re sure to meet their match somewhere in the realm. What they do once they’ve met them is up to you.

True Friends

After a Sim meets another, they become “acquainted.” If they like each other and spend enough time togeher, they can become friends. You can see the state of your Sim’s relationship in the Relationship Panel, including who their arch enemies are (if any). Friends can keep in touch with one another by sending pigeons, meeting at the tavern for a pint, or hanging out at the Pit of Judgement to view the ultimate punishment.

Budding Romance

Friendship is a wonderful beginning for a potential romance. As Sims become closer, their interaction options expand, giving you more choices in how they will relate to one another. So even if your Sim has an immediate physical attraction to another Sim, it pays to develop a friendship. Though there is no formal courtship in The Sims Medieval, your Sim must spend a certain amount of time getting to know the potential object of their affections and demonstrating their fondness. Once a Sim has spent enough time wooing another Sim, you’ll have the option to PROPOSE MARRIAGE (in the “romantic” interaction menu).

A Lovely Wedding

After your Sim becomes engaged, it’s time to choose a wedding venue! If one of the couple belongs to a church, they can elect to hold the ceremony there. For a more secular service, the couple can be married in any of the other buildings in the kingdom.

Being married offers a number of benefits for the happy couple. They will of course receive a wedding gift and your hero Sim will also get a pay increase. Congratulations and best wishes!

Not So Happily Ever After?

Occaisionally married Sims will discover that perhaps they weren’t meant to be after all. If the unhappy couple hasn’t yet consummated their marriage, it can simply be annulled. Choose the ANNUL interaction to let the disappointed duo go their separate ways. If the quarreling couple has indeed already done the deed, they must ask a member of the clergy to grant them a divorce.

And Baby Makes Three!

When two opposite-gender Sims become intimate there is a chance that the woman may become pregnant. Pregnancy takes its toll on a mother-to-be so make sure she gets plenty of rest and adequate nourishment. At the end of her pregnancy, a Sim gives birth to a baby – or on rare occasions – to twins.

After a mother gives birth to her baby, she must nurse the infant for a certain amount of time. When the child is old enough, they are weaned and can eat with the rest of the family.

With so many Sims to meet and different relationships to experience, your Sim’s friendships – and romances – are just some of the many adventures your Sims will experience in The Sims Medieval!

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the baby looks better here…I really like the way the sims look here…


wowwww breast feeding! (not in a perv type way) but that is really cool!!


acee: I agree


Awww! I LOVE babies!


bored I agree! You don’t have to be a pervert to think the fact that breastfeeding in a game is cool.