On February 21, MondoSims attended a special Sims Medieval event held in Milan for a number of Italian fansite owners.  They are now able to publish their report, and you can read that over on their site (with the help of Google translator):

NB: The report is accompanied by photos taken in carrying out the preview, it is not official shots, whose purpose is merely to illustrate what we present … Published with permission of EA.

The preview started with Rachel Bernstein, who along with marketing director Aaron Cohen gave an overview on the game, showing the most interesting parts, and the innovations introduced by The Sims Medieval, such as this take place, and how to create a sim. But we go in order … The Sims Medieval recalls in many ways The Sims 3 but not equal, in fact it is not a medieval version, but rather a separate new game focuses on the beautiful medieval times! Also one of the big differences is the fact that we do not have much more focus on the lives of Sims, but we will focus on missions (quests) to be made ​​to expand and meet all of our kingdom!

preview here

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