Game Guys review The Sims Medieval


The Sims Medieval will have an extensive amount of playtime, which is to be expected for a Sims title.  The problem, though, is that the quests seem to repeat (at least a few of them do) once you’re a few Kingdom Ambitions (think of them as storyline chapters for your kingdom) in.  Hopefully new quests will become available via download from the official Sims community website much like official mods are.  Odds are, though, that they’ll be a part of paid DLC and/or retail expansions.

One final thing of note, which might be unique to the play experience used in the writing of this review, is that the game isn’t shy when it comes to crashing.  Twice during gameplay the game errored-out, causing Windows to close it without save.  While quite frustrating, this could be an issue with either Windows 7 or the laptop used to play the game.  While this is an issue worth mentioning, it’s occurrence was not used in the review grading process.

review here


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