3/16/11 – Sneak peak of 4 upcoming clothing items at The Sims 3 Store


To celebrate 4 million page likes on the official Sims 3 Facebook account, The Sims 3 Team uploaded 4 concept art pieces of upcoming clothes that will soon make their way onto The Sims 3 Store.

189650_10150111426715079_35298715078_6897672_4849917_n 197036_10150111426700079_35298715078_6897671_1369051_n 190674_10150111426685079_35298715078_6897670_4717571_n 199996_10150111426655079_35298715078_6897669_39370_n

Shoutout to reader Abnest for the link!


  1. Hmmm, gotta say that these are probably the best clothes I’ve seem on the store!

    You actually see people dressed like this in the real world!

    Let’s hope they are realised properly…

    Oh and EA? Please remember the Bump Maps for these!

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