In a list from The Hollywood Gossip, it looks as if The Sims 3 was picked as Game of the Year (GOTY) by the 2010 Twilight Teen Choice Awards.  Good job EA.  The full list can be found in the above link and you can watch the full awards show on FOX later tonight – check your local listing to see what time it comes on.

I find it funny that most of the awards are awarded to the Twilight New Moon series.  Sims wouldn’t have stood a chance if they had a Twilight video game.  When are these people going to learn, vampires do not sparkle!

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LOL! Twilight Choice Awards.


TS3 had some pretty auful competition on this show. It was so obvious they’d win. But Congrats anyways.


Well congratz to TS3! But the TCAs are a joke of an awards so, are completely dumb and make no sense! And filming it a day before it’ll air is possibly the worst thing any awards show could ever possibly do!


lol. Teen Choice Awards… everyone knows that most of the people who watch that thing are younger than 12.