I’m fine with bundles, 2 games for a low price is great for those that may of missed out on playing them the first go-around.  The problem is the so called ‘great price’ which for this bundle, isn’t all that great.  GameStop put up a new product page for a MySims Wii Bundle that includes both the original MySims game and MySims Racing.  Their price point at this time?  $50.  I can get both of these – on Ebay – for about $30 with a little time spent searching. Here’s the product information below.  Credit goes to InfiniteSims for the find.

Get two of your favorite MySims games in one pack with MySims and MySims Racing. In MySims, with a little creativity and help from the locals, you can bring the town to life. In MySims Racing, build your winning car and take on tricky opponents on a variety of challenging tracks. With two great games in one bundle, the fun never stops with the MySims!


  • Create yourself and your friends
  • Shape your community and decide who lives there
  • Design a world that’s uniquely yours- from buildings to furniture
  • Socialize with the locals and uncover all sorts of surprising treasures

MySims Racing

  • Race to the finish across a huge variety of exotic tracks
  • Build your winning car by customizing its power, acceleration, and handling
  • Compete against up to four racers for prizes and bragging rights
  • Get ahead of the curve with awesome power-ups like the heat seeking jack-o-lantern pumpkin or bubble dropper
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