Well folks, looks like we can close this as a rumor and say it’s true.  Another listing for The Sims 3 Fast Lane Stuff has been found at Best Buy, and that makes 2 retailers so far with the listing.  Still not quite sure what this will contain, I myself hope it has to do with cars, vehicles and road/city stuff.  I’m kind of fond of those things because when I was a little kid I had so many hotwheels and micro-machine sets and I loved constructing the roads and set pieces.  Thanks to Zoey270 for posting this at the Sims 3 Forums.


  1. i wouldn’t mind another Glamor Life SP since HELS isn’t quite that but more focused on high tech.  However, they are too similar and it should be something different.  I wouldn’t mind cars but I’m a bit with Tracy on it, it could be boring, lol.  It’d have to be kick ass for a car theme.  We’ll see, i guess.  “Life in the Fast Lane” really means living on the edge or being adventurous, daring, etc.  Much like the Pleasure aspiration in Sims 2.  It has nothing to do with HELS.  It could suit the daredevil trait, for sure.  Who knows?  If the NL remake rumor is true, then a “fast lane” life SP could indeed coincide with the EP.  HELS could kind of blend in nicely with Amb.  Perhaps EA has a new style of SP, in that they will release an SP to “match” with the EP that follows.  This is just a wild theory, of course.

  2. I really hope it’s not just about cars. I usually don’t bother with cars in the game because of the lack of animations. If the pack added animations of them getting in and out of the car, the cars actually pulled into the driveway and it wouldn’t just disappear into a sim’s pocket when they drive to work, then I’d get it. I miss being able to have them sit in their cars in the driveway and listen to music, makeout and have sex in their cars. They just seem pretty pointless right now in TS3.

  3. Haha! I’m so happy that I found the listing…. I didn’t know that another retailer listed this. Cool. Well, now that we know what the next stuff pack is probably going to be, I guess we’ll just have to wait for EA to announce it.

  4. The taking the pages down after they’ve spread happened with Ambitions as well. I think that’s EA trying to cover it before they want people to know.

  5. EliotDX that’s true but seeing that it’s on EA’s official site I don’t see the point of taking it down elsewhere unless of course they change the name.


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