AJ Glasser over at GamePro spent some time with The Sims 3 Ambitions and shared his view of the 2nd expansion.  Here’s a snippet from the writeup:

What’s the Same?

  • Having sex in weird places: The Inventor Sim can create a time machine, and true to Sim tradition, you can WooHoo other Sims in the time machine. Doing so might cause a strangely-dressed adult Sim to show up on your doorstep claiming to be your kid from another era.
  • Going to the Hospital: The Doctor job is a hybrid of classic gameplay and the on-the-job gameplay of Ambitions. The Doctor still has to go to the hospital for a day shift, but he or she also gets house-calls during off hours where they have to go to a client’s house. Similarly, the Firefighter is required to be at the Fire Station for shifts and is on-call for emergencies at all times.
  • Breaking into people’s houses: I’m pretty sure you could always “break” into a Sim’s house in Sims 3 just by ringing a doorbell and pushing past whoever answered it, but Ambitions formalizes the process for the Private Investigator. Instead of having to ring the doorbell, for example, the P.I. could pick the lock on a door and tiptoe through the house just like the non-playable burglars in the Sims. However, if a Sim sees you or an alarm goes off, the jig is up and you’d better run for it. Oh, also, you can break Sims out of jail.
  • SimBot: Fans of the original Sims remember Servo, the lovable Sim robot who could be nanny, butler, and maid to Sims willing to purchase him. The beloved bot returns to Sims 3 through Ambitions as a Lifetime Achievement award or as something the Inventor can create.

full article at GamePro