Sergi passed along an email sharing with us a new report from SimSecrets from their time spent playing Ambitions at EA Russia.  Here’s a portion from their review.  Use the translation bar at the top of their website to translate it to your language.

The working day in the life of the fire is very hot. You come by the fire, there already and your colleagues. While there is no call, you can watch TV or talk or improve their equipment. But that’s a challenge, the alarm, all running around in panic and you have to leave. We go down in fire pole from the second floor, take the fire truck and drive to extinguish the fire. We drove up to the burning house, the smoke column coming down, and the fire spreads throughout the house. Putting It took about 5 hours simovskih and this despite the fact that the information in the upper right corner was written, that it was just a small fire. One shudders to think if come later. But it was an easy task. Why, even your sims to be saved and put out huge fires, so that the work is dangerous and difficult. Where was the fire, floor, objects everything becomes charred. But it is down to the house owner, and we are going to the base. Maybe call architect and say that you can alter this house?

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