was able to pull over EA Russia’s CEO Tony Watkins for a short interview about The Sims.  Nothing much regarding any information on the expansion or the future of The Sims series, but still worth a read:

Sims miXei (SM): How do you see the future of such titles, like The Sims.
Tony Watkins (TU): You mean the expansion or deepening?
SM: Expansion.
TU: Do you see a lot of new things – the introduction of a social network, transfer to other platforms, applications for gadgets such as iPad and iPhone, and so on and so forth. Soon you will see many developments in this direction.

SM: So, you will deepen its relations with the community?

TC: Yes, of course. That is, we are already doing it. And not only in relation to The Sims, but also to the rest of the draft EA. On our Russian portal is registered about 2.5 million unique visitors monthly. The main objective of our strategy – public relations face-to-face with our community.

SM: How do you like to work in Russia?
TU: (spoke in Russian) I have here almost 15 years. This is a long time. I almost Russian. If so do (pointing to the veins), may be there will be vodka. I do not know. (Moving to English) I do not know. When I lived in London for ten years, I frankly was bored, because he could predict his life. I have seen the future. When I arrived in Russia, I do not see the future. Every day you open something else, something new. Adventure, risk. But this is just for me. I do not mean that other people who live here have some sort of adventure. Really do not know what will happen tomorrow. And I think that is quite interesting.

full interview here