Sims 3 Cri had the chance to visit the EA offices in Italy to take a look at The Sims 3 Ambitions as well as to meet the producer, Grant Rodiek.  Here’s a snippet from their time, make sure you visit their site to read the whole article!

You can start to work as an architect/interior designer through the newspaper or using the computer. You’ll have to work at home…of your clients! In fact, there isn’t a builing for this career. You have a certain amount of working hours when you’ll have to be available and can find working occasions by looking at the city map. Sims looking for an architect are highlighted with a yellow and red symbol placed above their houses: if you click on them you will find their requests, their budget and so on.

The story progression will provide you with many opportunities: for example, couples expecting a baby may need you to create a new childroom or, if the child has grown up, they may require you to refurnish the room. Of course, you will be paid for your job and sometimes may get a reward, like a certificate or medal. Each customer will provide you with a maximum budget and a list of essential items, but you can also vary a bit. You can also impress your clients by showing them your portfolio with your previous works. It is also important to meet the taste of your clients: spending some time socializing with them will give you a special bonus. For example, if you find out that the Sim is frugal, you can get a bonus by spending less than budgeted. On the other hand, if s/he is a snob will be happy to spend more than expected to get expensive items. Artistic Sims will enjoy paintings, decorations and easels; evil Sims love dark environments with a very few window; Sims with the Eco-friendly trait are obsessed with reciclying while music lovers will enjoy guitars and stereos, and so on.

After a short overview of the house, you can enter the Renovation mode: on the left side of the screen you’ll get a window listing the traits of your customers (if you know them), your available budget and a list of  essential items. In the meantime you will be taken in the Buy/Build mode and proceed with your work.
You can give your personal touch by using items from your own inventory such as photos, portraits, collected objects, etc. You can also place broken or dirty items (like a dirty toilet) to spite your enemies!

In the official screenshots we can see architects measuring a room: this interaction is actually optional and will however positively influence your final feedback. What feedback? Your clients will evalue your work and base on it to decide your pay! When you’re done with your work you can phone your clients and show what you’ve done. If you paid attention to their personality and measured the room, you’ll get an extra for your commitment. At this point you can also take a pictures of your work (with your phone or your digital camera, if you have World Adventures) and add it to your portfolio (which is in your personaly inventory and has an icon similar to a PDA).

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