Ethan from shared with me via email of a new writeup over at Sims3Fans.  While we’re pretty much overloaded on information about the game, they were able to grab a few new screens as well as share an important piece of knowledge on EA’s upcoming project that will ‘change The Sims dramatically’.  Eager to see what that will be!

Screenshot-38 Screenshot-34 Screenshot-13

Then began a discussion about the impressions of the game, then, about the current situation of the Russian The Sims-community and on the console versions of the game. It was said that the console version is much bigger than for PCs. Version of The Sims 3 for the PlayStation 3, by the way, will be translated into Russian.

Also, EA is preparing a major project on the PC, which will change the series The Sims dramatically. Announcement promise to make a summer. Intrigued. We follow the news.

Actually “The Sims 3 Career” is for me a special interest. If I had skeptical of such ideas as a career, then my opinion after the presentation has changed dramatically for the better. If you spend hours playing and develop your character or character-inventor-sculptor and see what products they will do next, you’re very pleasantly surprised. Also, great for performing various quests. It’s much more fun than clicking on the plates, which are displayed on the screen when your character is sitting in the “rabbit hole”. Perhaps, in this finish.

Start off reading their whole presentation here