Those who are able to participate in the hands-on event in London coming up on Monday will be in for a special surprise – The Sims 3 producer ‘Grant Rodiek’ will be stopping by for a short meet and greet to answer your questions!  Sims 3 Nieuws has the scoop:

And I Have some news-Grant Rodiek, Producer or The Sims 3’s Ambitions Hoping to pop by and see us and Also Will Hopefully be up for answering questions Some. EAUK_Aurora

Do you know if we’re allowed to take pictures?

I Think it Will Be Unlikely but I’m afraid we Will Be Able to Let You Know Exactly What You’ll Be Able To Do on the day. EAUK_Aurora

Sucks that they may not be able to take pictures of the game – we’re not sure exactly if we’ll be able to see any or not, I hope that isn’t the case! Look for a special mega-post containing all of the news from the Ambitions hands-on event as I’ll be adding it to the site this weekend!