I’ve been lucky enough to visit EA Studios in the past and believe me, it’s a place that everyone should have the chance to check out.  Of course, the only way you can drop by is to get invited – believe it or not it is a work environment, after all… So that’s why GamesRadar shares with us a virtual tour of the studio through the following pictures.  Props to Simillion for the find.

Last week, GamesRadar was invited to Electronic Arts’ Redwood City campus for an early peak at The Sims 3: Ambitions expansion pack. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to share our impressions of the upcoming expansion for another week. But we did manage to bring a camera so we could give you a behind the scenes look at the EA campus and the studio where The Sims 3 was developed. Ever wonder where your Sims came from? Wonder no more and join us for a quick tour.

GamesRadar - behind the scenes of The Sims Studio

Above: Located in Redwood City, California, Electronic Arts’ campus is gigantic. It has its own soccer field and a hedge maze. See that yellow-ish circle in the bottom-left corner? That’s the maze

GamesRadar - behind the scenes of The Sims Studio

Above: The hedge maze. You won’t be getting lost with these short walls, but it’s still quite lovely

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