Hahaha…I love the robot in the corner of the inventor pic!  We finally get to see the game in video form.  Check out the video and pics below from GameSpot’s new hands-on report on The Sims 3 Ambitions!

Ghosts appear as glowing blobs of varying colors and have different ages (such as young or old) and different temperaments (lower-level ghosts are “kind” or “nice,” while higher-level ghosts will put up much more of a fight). They also have a monetary value attached to capturing them. Once you’ve sucked up every specter, you’ll receive a cash bounty for clearing out the property and have the spirits in your inventory, which you can then donate to science. Interestingly, while you’d figure that working the graveyard shift as a ghost hunter would be a lonely and isolating job that cuts deeply into your sim’s need to socialize, it turns out that several of the jobs you’ll take will actually be in the inhabited homes of other sims across town. You can interact before and after you’ve taken care of their ghost problem, so you can still make friends, chat, and get to know their traits. However, these other sims won’t feel like talking when there’s a ghost within sight range–they’ll be too busy running in terror.

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The Sims 3: Ambitions Exclusive Hands-On – Ghost Hunting, Inventing, New Career Content