9lives: Can you tell us anything about the new feature “Life Moments”?

Sam: Life Moments is a part of The Sims 3 that is new and it fits perfectly with the Wii. Everyone knows that the Wii console is one where many people gather with their friends to play so we designed a way to have more than one player from the humor and the story of The Sims to enjoy. You can play four players at the same time in a small village. Everyone chooses a Sim from a large collection of characters. It also chooses a personality that will influence the further story. The game is about growing up in a village and you decide how successful your character is. There will be times in the game where you must compete against one another Sim and other times you will have to work together to reach your goal. It is a very different concept than the original single player, but you can unlock some cool stuff in single player by playing Life Moments. I can not wait for people to try this new section.

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