5/28/10 – Sims 3 Ambitions screens courtesy of Alexis


Alexis, operator of The Sims 3 Featured Members page on Facebook received her copy earlier today and is starting to show us screens from the game!  To keep things tidy, I’m going to include them all in 1 post.  Keep checking back either on her Facebook page or this site for the latest screens!  Be sure to join her Facebook page to show your support!


Getting another Tattoo
Birdseye look at Twinbrook
Getting a tattoo
Jumping on the trampoline
Climging the firepole
Ridin’ da Choppa!
Doing Laundry

32284_397042021747_330169491747_4279880_7013138_n 32284_397042906747_330169491747_4279953_5655859_n 32284_397043756747_330169491747_4279979_2405490_n 32284_397039591747_330169491747_4279799_7257768_n 32284_397038191747_330169491747_4279783_5167912_n 32284_397026566747_330169491747_4279598_3864382_n 32284_397023041747_330169491747_4279546_8105949_n 32284_397022051747_330169491747_4279537_3236460_n 32284_397018446747_330169491747_4279393_4071144_n 32284_397014701747_330169491747_4279229_4854138_n 32284_397015636747_330169491747_4279301_1193724_n 32284_397010176747_330169491747_4279010_1813330_n 32284_397008401747_330169491747_4278986_7921558_n 32284_397009556747_330169491747_4279001_5284351_n 32284_397007616747_330169491747_4278984_7508484_n 32284_397006251747_330169491747_4278977_6777989_n 32284_397005256747_330169491747_4278969_2426295_n 32284_397005406747_330169491747_4278971_4959100_n 32284_397004851747_330169491747_4278964_6251747_n 32284_397004536747_330169491747_4278959_4770105_n 32284_397002241747_330169491747_4278914_929383_n 32284_397001261747_330169491747_4278897_2829533_n 32284_397001706747_330169491747_4278900_6890829_n 32284_397000386747_330169491747_4278866_5995967_n 32284_396999326747_330169491747_4278847_581525_n


  1. It seems like totally out of the loop about the new objects. O_o She didn’t even know about the motorcycles and those did make a appearance in Superhero trailer.

  2. @Katie, considered that he provided links to her page, i think he went about it properly, It’s kind of like a works cited for an essay in school, you don’t have to ask for the author’s permission to use the info, but you at least have to cite it and provide where the original source was

  3. O, also, MY GAME IS 30 MINUTES AWAY FROM MY HOUSE!!!!!!!!! Does anybody know how late they deliver? and also, how late to they mark the status as out for delivery???

  4. Usually, they say a package is out for delivery around 8 am or so, when they’re loading up all their packages to deliver. If it doesn’t say it by now, you won’t get it today.

    • Thanks Sean. Indeed, I believe it was the three-parter that was shown on Gametrailers which was posted yesterday. Off to go home and see if Ambitions came in today! 😀

  5. Ahh cool yah. Just thought you’d want to know, guess I should have known you’d know before me, and can I just say I’ve checked this site everyday and every few minutes when I’ve been available for updates etc.

    I used to be on simoperations and missingstudios, but it seems somethings happened there, so you have a new fan here heh! 🙂 Keep it up, and tell me how to get a plumbob hat! xD

    Thanks again.


  6. These look really neat and nice, but I don’t think I am getting it. I am wanting to get my hands on Pets/Seasons expansions in the future:)

  7. Wow it includes actual curly hair O.o
    Wish I didn’t have to wait for a new computer before I can get this.. mine is dead all round and I can’t play any games 🙁

  8. The curly hair actually had me cracking up laughing. It looks pretty bad to me. Definitely see why Grant said it’s so hard to make them. Hehe

  9. argh!! seriously thats the curly hair??….oh the fail…..they just have to redue the one from TS2……cmon!! :\

  10. alrite…so…EA totally charged me twice for my game and now i’m broke. and the online rep was being dumb talkin like i was lying about it and the phone guy was just: well, i sent it to my supervisor…..and then he goes on and says: WE’VE BEEN GETTING MANY COMPLAINTS ABOUT THE DOUBLE-CHARGES AND MY SUPERVISOR HAS BEEN LOOKING INTO THEM. gee, maybe you should do something about it….

    so now thankfully my bank is open on saturdays and they told me to try a three-way call so i don’t have to wait for the charge to actually post on my card and kill me further.

    ARGH. im mad. but at least the game shipped so either way i’ll get it and they can kiss my butt cuz i’ll fight til i get mah money (or more 😉 )

  11. @Tracy, that stinks, and how did you figure that out?? (i want to make sure that i wasn’t either) also, MY GAME HAS BEEN 30 MIN. AWAY SICNE 1PM and UPS STILL HASNT UNLOADED IT!!!! I had to call UPS and have them put a Saturday delivery sticker on it (The guy told me that he could leave a note for the unloaders, no guarantee though, he did give me a phone # to call though)

  12. @Luke S. i constantly look at my online banking and get text alerts. i was so angry because the guy kept trying to say it might be a preauthorization charge, but i’ve never been charged more than $1 in preauth for ANYTHING, and i do shop alot (when i have money, obviously, i don’t overspend when i don’t have the cash to do so).

    and the fact is that both online and phone techs didn’t know why it was coming up twice as my EA account only says i bought the game once. so obviously, it shouldn’t be a preauth charge since even the techs have no idea what is going on. only the phone tech knows that they’ve been getting a lot of complaints about it.

    whatever, i never give up on contacting customer service in any situation so they haven’t heard the last of me. (insert evil laugh here)

    as for delivery, unless it said: OUT FOR DELIVERY, then you weren’t going to get it today even if it is 30 minutes away. UPS usually delivers stuff at my house after 5pm but around 10am at my apartment, so they do deliver basically all day.

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