The Sims 3 Ambitions is shaping up to be an interesting expansion!  GameSpot managed to get in touch with Sims 3 Ambitions producer Grant Rodiek to share a few more details on the second expansion, here’s a snippet from the full interview:

GS: How does the medical career go beyond the options in the original game?

GR: Doctors in Ambitions can exit the hospital to save lives during emergencies (such as a woman choking at the bistro), provide free health clinics and inoculations in the community, or provide experimental medicines to the community. Not everything is entirely ethical, but who are we to tell players that?

GS: Tell us about the challenges that firefighters in The Sims 3 will face. Are there new disasters from which they must rescue their neighbors?

GR: Of course! Firefighter sims will encounter small fires (that often escalate if you aren’t careful), huge infernos that require dramatic rescues and smooth hose operation, or even earthquakes. Firefighters face two challenges–preparing for emergencies by training and maintaining equipment, and handling them when they occur with speed. Players are required to make quick decisions (do they save the sim or smash the chair before the fire spreads?) to earn high scores and save lives.

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