And so it begins – time to start listing stuff on Ebay that I no longer need or want in order to start saving for a house (and making it easier for me to move by dropping some load)!  Up for sale are 8 Star Wars Stormtrooper items.  For those that are wondering why I’m posting this, already stated that I’ll be adding my Ebay listings here – if you’re not interested, just scroll on down 😉

Ebay – Stormtrooper items (starting bid at $15)

Selling some of my Star Wars collection from my time spent as a Stormtrooper in the 501st Legion. The following 8 items are Stormtrooper collectibles.

  • 1 Stormtrooper Hat – never worn, still clean. It has an elastic band and is supposedly ‘one size fits all’.  It doesn’t appear to fit big heads.
  • 2 vehicle decals – made of a stormtrooper, was planning on putting them on my vehicle but never got around to it.
  • XL Stormtrooper shirt – based on the Clone Wars series (?)…has a tag with that graphic, anyhow.  Never been worn
  • Micro Machines Star Wars Space Imperial Stormtrooper figures – contains 9 small Stormtroopers.  Box shows its age – bottom plastic lifts up, crease in the middle of the box (see image below).
  • Star Wars Battle Packs Unleashed – 4 Stormtrooper figures.  Box has a few problems with some plastic dented in, and the sides are taped.
  • Star Wars The Legacy featuring Han Solo – Stormtrooper Han Solo, BD No. 31.  Box is great, sides are taped in back.
  • Star Wars the Original Trilogy Collection Stormtrooper – box is in good shape, only appears to have sticker residue.

Items sold as is.Will ship via Priority mail.  I have no idea what the total amount of shipping will be, so I’m going to guess $20.  However I’ll make sure to refund any difference in the cost once I take the box to the post office.

Paypal only – shipping to the US only.

Note:  Whomever wins the auction, please send me an email after winning as I’ll keep you updated on the status of your winning items!