Those who care about the Facebook ability of sharing your achievements on your profile as well as other in-game features may want to consider not purchasing The Sims 3 pre-owned as EA will tie those in with a special serial code.  This ‘code’ can only be redeemed once and cannot be transferred according to MCV.  For those wondering, this applies to both Xbox 360 and PS3 consoles – those who plan to pick up the Nintendo versions need not to worry.

It’s just another way for publishers to try to close off the second-hand market as they do not see any returns from the purchase.  I usually always buy my games pre-owned to save on cash – why spend $59 when I could get the game on Ebay for $30 or less?  Doesn’t bother me a bit, don’t plan to use that feature anyway.  Just thought I’d let those know who also purchase games used to give them a heads up.