Color me pink, I’d assume that we’d never seen an update to the Create-A-World Tool, but that’s not the case, as EA pushed out a small update today bumping it to version 1.6.  As of now, you can download it thru the game’s launcher, but once I get home from work I’ll find the file and add it to this site!

This game update includes:

  • Create a World – Updating compatibility version of Create a World Tool – Beta to be compatible with The Sims 3 to ensure it continues to function with in-game features and the Exchange.


  1. I believe that CAW is gonna have to be updated in step with most if not all game patches, to ensure version compatibility.

    It doesn’t look like any actual CHANGES happened to CAW… at least, none were listed… so I suspect this was just a version number change.

  2. hi i have a queston / i use to have the create a woreld tool , but i uninstalde it and evry time i try to install it from the web site it has error messeges of ses cant save

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