*Updated with proper English translation*

Received an email from Daniel over at SimFans this past Sunday of a few questions he put together of the views on The Sims 3 Ambitions from the various webmasters in the community.  I was lucky to be a part of that and passed along my replies to him.  The article has been posted, now featuring a proper English translation thanks to SimFans.  Read that here.  My answers for his questions are below:

You busy yourself for a long time with the Sims. What do you think of the theme of the second expansion pack for The Sims 3? Do you think that it will appeal to many fans?

I think the initial reaction for this expansion (and will be for some more time) is that many are pretty ticked off because they wanted weather or pets first. I can’t argue with them as I’d love to have them, but I do have to give EA credit for taking a different route and focus on something a bit more fresh – careers. We’ve seen Pets before, we’ve seen weather. We will eventually get them once more, but lets try something new for once! Yes, we had Open for Business which some people would like to compare this as, but in reality it is much, much more. For the first time we’ll get to control our own Sims doing their jobs.

Compare the first expansion pack world adventures with the second AddOn ambitions. What speaks to you more personally and why?

How exactly can these two be compared? They are two different themes. World Adventures focused on travels and ‘vacations’ for your Sims, but with Ambitions there is no time for Vacation, we have a job to do! I never much was a fan of vacation/travel expansions, so I have to say I’m looking forward to Ambitions greatly.

Which of the new career you will probably play first? What career speaks to you most and why?

I’m going to bust some heads – in a spiritual sense, of course! Those who know where that quote came from and who follow my site already can guess which career I’ll be playing first. I’ve been a longtime Ghostbusters fanatic and the Ghost hunting career is a must. My second choice would be an inventor – mainly because I want to blow things up…over and over and over and over again 😛

What are the elements of ambitions expansion pack you will find particularly innovative, in what you think could be avoided by good cheer, and what features are missing in a career-AddOn?

Innovative? Probably the firefighter career. Not too many simulations exist where you can battle fires and rescue Sims in danger. Plus you have to give a hand to the real firefighters – they put their lives in danger on a daily basis. Props, guys.

As for missing careers…ummmm…I know there is a private detective career, but I’d rather control or see a Sim as a police officer/swat. Shootouts, stopping bank heists, negotiations. Of course, I understand why EA did not go that route for The Sims series…

What career is not included in ambitions expansion pack, you’d want you?

Waste Management Service. Who wouldn’t want to have a crappy job? 😉

Wont you get rid of something else to ambitions Expansion Pack and add?

No answer.