One thing EA knows how to do – build amazing and wonderful workplaces for their employees.  I’ve been to EA Redwood Shores and saw it for myself.  Wow, I can understand why many want to work there.  Heck, I don’t even think I’d complain about 12-14 work days – I’d pitch a tent and declare my work cubical as my home if I was an employee.  Inside EA gives us a few details about the campus.  I suppose this is why we have games that are released which contain errors and bugs – would you rather be typing away at a computer or playing soccer, exercising in the gym or dining in one of their cafeterias?

EA corporate headquarters is based in Redwood Shores, California. Also known as EARS, EA Redwood Shores is home to a diverse range of development studios with franchises ranging from the bestselling The Sims, to the sci-fi horror title Dead Space and Dante’s Inferno.

Inside EA:  Welcome to San Francisco!

Located approximately 30 minutes from San Francisco, EARS is an amazing place to work. It has a real campus feel with great office space, two onsite restaurants, a large gym with the latest exercise equipment, a beautiful lawn for soccer and other sports, outdoor volleyball and basketball courts, and much more. The campus also features a number of cool meeting areas, gaming areas, and its very own Starbucks. Not far from EARS, in Emeryville, another EA team works on Spore.