It took 3 months for this creation to be made, but it was worth the wait!  Judging by the pictures alone (I’m downloading it while I type this – 71MB) its perhaps one of the best worlds ever created!  A highschool with a football stadium and baseball field, 18 hole golf course, navy and air base, parks and beautiful designed lots.  All with using items from only the base game and World Adventures (no 3rd party custom content, 3rd party content or items from stuff packs)!

I have to hand it to Ehaught, this is one world you should definitely add to your game!

Download the Fort Sim world here.

FortSim_Pic1 FortSim_Pic6 FortSim_Pic4 FortSim_Pic5


  1. This looks utterly fantastic! I can’t wait to download it. I suspect it’s much better-made than Niua Simoa! Hehe, I’ll have to up my game!

  2. kiwi_tea: better made than Niua Simoa? Impossible 🙂 Couldn’t possibly have the charm.

    Does look interesting though… will download it… will probably wait to PLAY it though till there are some player reviews 🙂 Hope you post one here, Jud. Looking pretty is not all it takes to be a great world 😉


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