Have you ever gotten bored with your DSi cameras?  Well, if you are a MySims fan, EA has the product for you.  MySims Camera is essentially a camera “add-on” for your DSi.  You can either take photos from within the application or use photos already saved on your DSi system memory.  What do you do with these photos?  Add in MySims characters (8 available at the start) and draw on them.

WiiNintendo - MySims Camera DSiWare review WiiNintendo - MySims Camera DSiWare review

The control is done entirely via the DSi touch screen (except for the ability to also take photos with the L or R buttons if you choose to do so).  The app starts with the menu screen that looks similar to the DSi Camera.  You get options to exit, get help, access your photo album, create or use a photo frame, take a photo, and edit a photo.  In the center, you can cycle through all the photos on your DSi system memory.  While inside the editing room, you get a menu bar across the top and left side of the touch screen.  Basically, you will choose a MySims character, change their size/angle/placement, cycle through to get a desired pose and expression, and that is it.  You can place up to 3 MySims in your photo.  You also have the option, as stated earlier, to doodle on your photo using pens of various sizes and colors. You can also use the eyedropper to use doodling colors that aren’t available by selection (red, yellow, blue, black, white, and rainbow). I honestly have no problem with the touch screen controls. It only seems logical for a camera application.