Mass Effect 2 is the new ‘hotness’ in the gaming world, which explains why it knocked The Sims 3 and World Adventures out of their normal spots.  That’s okay though…unlike The Sims games, Mass Effect 2 will not hold its spot for long!

Source:  Chart Track


  1. Woo! Go Mass Effect 2! Haven’t got my copy yet, should be arriving tomorrow or Wednesday, can’t wait 😀

    I wonder if TS3 or WA will ever get back to #1. Football Manager 2010 doesn’t want to budge it would seem.

  2. Go The Sims 3 and WA! Dragon Age: Origins! Spore!

    I can’t believe that there is no The Sims 2 compilation or expansion pack in the Chart. Maybe The Sims 2 users transfer to The Sims 3.


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