A short article from Zeit Online (thanks, Micha) in which discusses the topic of how The Sims is the ‘Avatar’ of computer games.

Since the original version of 2000, the Sims changed enormously. The Sims 2, the game was three-dimensionally. The spatial impression of the reality comes very close. In The Sims 3 of this principle has been further refined. The avatars can now be designed in more detail. That goes to the private and professional life goals – from cradle to grave. And unlike in real life can even design the neighborhood according to their own wishes. And the world of men. ‘My Sims’ dream man is young, athletic, handsome, large – like a football player, “says Dai-Lee. Remained the same in all Sims titles, however, is the language, Simlish words and should be a mix of Ukrainian, Navajo and Tagalog. “This reminds me always of Asian,” says the Girl Gamer Born in Taiwan.

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