The Sims 3 on consoles, MySims Sky Heroes & Spore to have online support?

EA COO John Schappert said during the company’s Q3 financial earnings call Monday that “every one of EA’s releases will have an online component—both downloadable content and online play.” That goes for Dead Space 2, the two Need For Speed titles, and Crysis 2, as well as Fighting Title and Action Title. Everything.

Now, does everything even go as far as MySims Sky Heroes, the new Spore games and the various console/handheld releases of The Sims 3?  Cause if so, it’s about time!  There are a number of EA games that would of been perfect for online play – MySims Racing and MySims Party for one.  I wonder what online feature’s they’ll consist of…leader boards, a library of downloadable content (like the Sporepedia), a Sims 3 Store (no thanks!).  Better keep your word, EA.  I want to start playing your games online!  Source:  Kotaku