I was a little bit worried about where Spore stood as a franchise.  The main Spore game has been very, very quite…I mean the last we heard about any news was from last June/July when Spore Galactic Adventures came out.  Other than that, it has been nothing but spin-offs.  However, Lucy Bradshaw, head of Maxis Studios tells fans not to worry – there will be more Spore in the future:

“Spore” as a franchise won’t be going away anytime soon, either. Lucy Bradshaw, VP and GM of Maxis, says “we are continuing to invest in ‘Spore,’ but have not announced our next project at this point.”

I hope the upcoming Spore games will be another expansion…I know we still have Spore Creature Keeper stand-alone spinoff to look forward to…but the main Spore game still needs to see the flora editor, the 360 degree picture rotation feature and of course, an aquatic stage!

Source:  Yahoo Plugged In (sent in thanks to TheSidDog)