It’s translated from Dutch to English so there may be a few words that do not sound right, but it’s still a great review on the fact that one of their team members put together a number of pictures showing the new items that come with The Sims 3 High-End Loft Stuff!

The total of 40 new items, as you might expect, very focused on the life of luxury. Therefore, most of these objects in a higher price, so that only the richest Sims Simoleons enough to have. But get your Sims (and you) really where their money? There are divided views on. Especially the poorer Sims will definitely find it a waste to buy expensive couch while you enjoy a cheap TV to watch. But for Sims to spend some more stuff will definitely be worth their money. Take the stuff for home. The TV and Radio are very nice and fit well with the theme. The sofa I personally less beautiful, but that is obviously a matter of taste.

I am not reviewing all the items piece by piece, that’s just not do. I will just briefly summarize: I think actually all objects in The Sims 3 Luxe Accessories sit very well with the theme fit and they are all beautiful and / or individually designed. The items that really stand out there for me, the new assembly line, the bathtub and the campfire.

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