One lucky blogger was able to catch Will Wright for a few questions after his Engage! Expo 2010 speech.  If you followed The Sims Online back in its prime days, you may be familiar with the name of ‘Dyerbrook‘ who was the author of Starbucks Sucks.  Will was surprised as he often used the story for his past presentations.

Anyhow the discussion grew to talks about how evil entered the world of The Sims Online, MMORPGs and even Second Life.  Last, he touched based on what future things we may be seeing coming from his Stupid Fun Club company:

I persisted in asking (bloggers are just as persistant as paparazzi) about why Will left MMORPGs. Would he ever come back? What really made him leave? And basically, he said that he did plan to come back in some form, and that his next project, the Stupid Fun Club, about which he said very little, would involve some of that.

But SFC also involves, he said later as we trailed him, television, which was more social than game playing, because people sit around in real life and watch TV together. (You know, they do a lot of that in SL too).

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