Came across an interesting post over at the NeoGAF forums about SimCity.  An image has been floating around the internet with a url at the bottom that directs you to  One user decided to do a domain search only to find out it belongs to EA:

Domain Name……….
Creation Date…….. 2000-03-07
Registration Date…. 2010-01-28
Expiry Date………. 2011-03-07
Organisation Name…. ELECTRONIC ARTS
Organisation Address. 209 Redwood Shores Parkway
Organisation Address.
Organisation Address. REDWOOD CITY
Organisation Address. 94065
Organisation Address. CA
Organisation Address. UNITED STATES

It appears to have been created 10 years ago, but registered just last month which could possibly mean EA might have something in store for us SimCity fans soon.  The picture that surfaced with this information has been posted below.  After reading the comments, people believe to have seen it floating around for a long time – even suggesting that it was an architectural drawing for a development in Dubai.  No idea what to believe.  Could this be the next generation SimCity?  The beginnings of their so called Facebook app?  I have no clue, so I’m marking this as a ‘rumor’ until more information develops.


    • That’s what I heard…I’d love for this to be true – at least some sort of new SimCity that is for PC and isn’t Societies. But yeah, my hopes aren’t too high for this to happen. I’ll sit back and wait to see what they have to offer before getting excited.

  1. Simcity4 is my favorite game, can play it 7 hours non-stop, especially in weekends. Lol. But Societies looks horrible. The same for Cities XL.

  2. Oh my goodness, that is a breathtaking picture. But I’m worried about 2 things:

    1) If this is indeed meant to be the true successor to SimCity 4, then why did they name it SimCity World and not SimCity 5? Could this be another “spin-off” like SimCity Societies or SimCity Creator?

    2) SimCity Societies was originally meant to be the true successor to SC4 until fans complained and roared how different the game is to the core values and essence of the SC series. Will Wright have said SC games have gotten too complex. Could this be another attempt to “dummy-fy” the series? I’m all for accessibility, but games that are simple on the surface but are actually complex once you dig deep (like The Sims) are far more interesting than superficial games like SCS.

  3. More than likely Connor. TS2 was started not long after TS1 was released, the same goes for TS3. Wouldn’t surprise me if very early work for TS4 had already begun.

    As for the picture, it’s clearly fake. However, I really do wish EA would release a proper SimCity 5. I wouldn’t mind if they kept it isometric to be perfectly honest. I think for it to be truly awesome however, Maxis would have to make it, and by that I mean the original Maxis, which we know doesn’t exist anymore which is a shame.

  4. Yep I know simillion. They’ve also registered a wide range of domains like! It’s just to protect their trademarks.

    And cjdamon042, I doubt there will be a SimCity 5 because there has been Societies which is technically 5. It’s more likely to have a name like SimCityWorld. And Maxis does exist, very much alive, just alive with Spore!

  5. I think the speculation behind the domains for SimCity World and The Sims 4-10 is different. Even if EA haven’t started development for TS4 to TS10, you can bet the sequels to TS3 will be named TS4, then TS5, etc. EA is just thinking about the future and protecting the titles that will the sequels will likely be named.

    In the case of SimCity World, it is something that is different and new. So it is likely they have already started development for the game. Otherwise, there is no use spending money to protect something that may never start development. Think about it, why would someone want to spend money on something they are likely never going to use (especially for frugal companies like EA and in such economic climate)?

    • Let’s just list the facts – yes, SimCity World is left to be undetermined at this point. But we have to remember, SimCity is too big of a brand to die off – they’ll eventually have another game for the series. And SimCity World does have a nice ring to it… I’m thinking it will be a possibility – I just don’t know when we’ll see it.

  6. @Connor

    Yeah I know Maxis is still alive, but I mean the original Maxis. There are still a few of the older team still there, but a lot of the staff are now new people, not to mention that Will left. As for the name, they could easily name it SimCity 5 since Societies could be seen as a spin off, however, it is more likely they’ll name it something else. I only said SimCity 5 since I’d prefer a game like the 4 originals, not something like Societies.

  7. There’s still some vital team members their though! Maybe people like Jud should join EA to continue the charm of the older games 😀

    • LMAO. The only ‘charm’ I can provide is actual communication thru the fans to the staff if I were to be hired. I can’t program or do graphics worth a darn, and ideas are limited 😛

  8. Charm is definitely a must. It’s something that all recent Sim games lack. TS1 and the early SimCity’s had bucket loads of charm. TS2 lost loads, TS3 doesn’t seem to have any, and as for SCS…god…

  9. Just a thought actually. What would people say if SimCity World turned out to be an online version of say SC4 with better graphics obviously (if the game actually exists)? Sort of like Cities XL but not rubbish? I think it would be interesting to see multiple worlds (servers) where people run their own cities but can trade and visit other players’ cities as well.

  10. Req # Job Title Role Specialty Location
    25873 Assistant Community Manager Marketing, Sales & Comm Community Manager Texas – Austin (BioWare + Pogo)
    26131 Community Management Specialist Marketing, Sales & Comm Community Manager California – Redwood Shores

    You’d get Comm Managment Specialist 😀


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