Listening in on Kotaku’s Talk Radio show, they were joined by Sims 3 Associate Producer MJ Chun as well as Art Director Charles London.  During their discussion, they had much to share.  Here’s a brief rundown on what was said during their podcast:

  • They were surprised their 10th anniversary came by so fast…when you work on a game like this, time flies.
  • Charles role with the Sims Franchise has a long history, worked on Sims since August of 1997.  Did CAS in Sims 2.
  • MJ Chun joined during the Sims 2 Base Game, worked on University & Nightlife, also MySims.
  • Charles:  Initial reaction: game was an uphill battle.  Pride themselves on doing things people haven’t done before.  Had number of conversations trying to explain The Sims to people.  Over the decade, the game basically has many things we can’t do in real life and isn’t just a ‘simulator’.
  • Plumbob came into effect:  What happened was that they needed a piece of stand-in art to serve a specific purpose and they just never took it out.  Basically they needed something on the screen to tell where they were.  Used to be a big yellow arrow… Sims was never envisioned to be a blockbuster when making it.  Its a great symbol – powerful, can be used in many ways.
  • MJ Chun comments about joining The Sims 2:  The bar was set high, wanted to make the best game possible.  Had a lot of passionate discussions like what should the sims look like, what would the world look like…etc.  How will the player spend their time in the game… Introduced wants/fears which helped with that.
  • To celebrate the Sims 10th anniversary, the Sims team had cookies.  (They didn’t make mention that they had cupcakes which I know they did, saw pics of them from one of the devs of the game). 😛

That was it?  Wow, it was pretty awful…nobody got their calls in and pretty much nothing interesting was discussed…Not only that but the person who was doing the interview didn’t even know when High End Loft Stuff was available – claiming it’ll come out at the end of this month!  BOOOOOOO….


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