The Stuff Pack has a decent selection of high-end objects in various categories, so you’ll be able to an entire house brimming with the modern gadgets. Even if your Sim’s house doesn’t have all the rooms for it, there are objects for an office, the bedroom, the kitchen, the living room, and more. However, the Stuff Pack does not come with any new textures, wallpaper, or carpets; you might have some high-class stuff in the rooms, but the room itself will still be limited to the same number of options.

The worst part of the Stuff Pack is that, other than the purely decorative objects (such as wall sculptures), there is only a single new object for any given category. So, while there is a new TV and a new bathtub, there is only one new TV and only one new bathtub. If you have multiple wealthy virtual houses you want to decorate, you’ll have to be fairly creative with d?cor and textures to avoid making the houses look like clones of each other.

IGN:  The Sims 3: High-End Loft Stuff Review

I wonder if it’s dusty “down there”

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