Can’t seem to get the hang of sculpting your own terrain with the Create-A-World tool? I don’t blame you, it is kind of difficult to manage! If you tried and tried and all you get is a ugly looking piece of land, then perhaps you’ll benefit from the following. Bakafox over at Mod The Sims 2 is offering a do-it-yourself neighborhood with the landscape molded and the roads already laid out. From there you can add lots, objects, trees – even more roads if you prefer using CAS. Keep in mind that this isn’t a neighborhood for your game but rather a CAW file so you have to make modifications within the tool.

Download at MTS2 (thanks to Rejected Sims for pointing this out)


  1. Baka is awesome, and it’s been so great getting to know the CAW tool so mutually! Great work promoting her neighbourhood! You should see the version with lots! So beautiful!


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