CokeZone UK - Win a Sims 3 Bundle and/or The Sims 3 Design and High Tech StuffCoke drinkers, unite!  That is, if you are from the UK.  Your Coke Zone website has added a few new prizes and rewards to their catalog.  For only 2 Coke Points you can be entered into a drawing in which you have the chance to win all 3 sim games – The Sims 3, World Adventures and The Sims 3 Design & High Tech Stuff.  If you don’t feel lucky enough to enter the drawing, The Sims 3 Design & Hi-Tech Stuff can be yours for 75 points.  It’s a lot of coke you have to drink, but worth it (minus the stained teeth, the cavities, weight-gain and any other bad side effects you can get for drinking to much soda 😛

Special thanks to reader charlipop for pointing out the find!