I’m hooked on these videos. Stumbled upon one of their YouTube videos and in a full hour caught up on all 10. A little background information for those that are unfamiliar with Autotune the News… A group known as The Gregory Brothers (Evan, Andrew, Michael and Evan’s wife, Sarah) takes bits and pieces of segments from various news outlets and mixes them along with their own vocals with the help of Autotune.  Autotune is a program which helps artists adjust or change their pitch in case they may happen to sing out of tune in real life.  However, these guys can actually sing, so it makes the videos even better!

As of this date, there are only ten Autotune the News videos available, but more are in the making!  I’ve added them all in this post, with my favorite being #10 – Turtles.  Now, if we can get someone to use the Autotunes app for iPhone (called I am T-Pain) to sing along with music from Sims 3….well that’d be priceless!

I wish real news could be more like this…

Episode 10 – Turtles

Episode 1 – march madness. economic woes. pentagon budget cuts.

Episode 2 – pirates. drugs. gay marriage.

Episode 3 – cuba. afghan friendship. 2-party woes.

Episode 4 – spa regulation. serbians. sotomayor.

Episode 5 – lettuce regulation. American blessings.

Episode 6 – Michael Jackson. drugs. Palin.

Episode 7 – texting. rhyming. pat buchanan fail.

Episode 8 – dragons. geese. Michael Vick. (ft. T-Pain)

Episode 9 – Nobel. health care. United Nations