German fansite SimTimes picked up on an item list as well as pictures from the manual of the upcoming stuff pack, The Sims 3 High End Loft Stuff.  The following list has been translated from German to English, so names may not be exact for us English readers.  Nonetheless it is an interesting find for those who are interested in seeing what items the stuff pack will contain!

606 604 607 605

The instruction booklet lists the following furniture as part of this pack:

Living room:

  • Wideowirbel III by Vival (game console)
  • TV-G of model legislation
  • Beowuff package (stereo)
  • Sofa, two seater and armchair Slim line of super seat
  • Coffee Table “Blue Plate”
  • Artwork of Psimcasso
  • Lumina Technica-ceiling lamp


  • Console 7
  • Wall-mounted TVs Mehdjen media


  • The Duoträumer of Steroloft (double)
  • “From the form of ‘dresser and side table
  • Clock “at the right time”
  • Wall sculpture, “Best Friends”


  • Bath “Greek bath house (corner bath)
  • Spülmeister 3000 (WC)
  • Omni Lesink (sink)
  • Lashawn rain (shower)


  • Multimax Uni-PC 7200
  • Desk “on drawers I give a damn”
  • Swivel Chair “Zausewind”
  • Requisite “CD-heap”
  • Wireless Phone “at the right time”
  • Lumina Technca (wall lamp)
  • Körpermodellierer Slim line (treadmill)

Learning and music room:

  • Space-chair of Out of this world AG
  • Shelving of sample G-Law
  • Framed Tom audio reproduction
  • Metallic Send lamp

Pure Nature:

  • Pebble fire
  • Planters’ Like a glove “
  • Dura-tempered door
  • Dura Gestähltess portal
  • Glass door and glass-ischer isches fence Loftdesigns

The 10th Anniversary Items:

  • Electric Guitar
  • Lovebed
  • Aquarium